Safety Netting

A fall from a height is likely to result in a serious injury. By installing safety nets below a high-level work area, there is less likelihood that the person will be injured if they fall.

Regardless of the time spent on a roof, the risk of falling is high. Any fall is likely to result in a serious injury. Safety nets installed below a high-level work area reduce the distance that a worker can fall. They absorb the impact of the fall and provide a 'soft landing' to reduce the likelihood of a person being injured.

Safety nets are collective fall arrest systems, not fall restraint systems. That is, they provide passive protection from falls while allowing people to work at height without restricting their movement.

Edge Protection - Single Story

New or Existing. Edge protection helps prevent people, tools, and materials from falling around the perimeters of a work area & around openings.

Edge protection is the preferred control for preventing falls from roofs on single-storey buildings because it isolates multiple workers from the risk of a fall.


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